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Display live casino Jackpots or give users the opportunity to try a casino game directly in the ad. By showing the real value of the  progressive jackpot, the ad will be more dynamic and relevant for the audience.


Odds can be displayed directly in the ad for matches of any sport or league. Both pre-match and live odds. The ad can be customized to your own design or why not use a generic template to get the campaign started faster. The Live odds are updated in real-time and are therefore always relevant.

Compare Odds

Compare odds between multiple betting operators in one ad. The Odds Compare solution integrates several operators in one ad or widget, and presents the customers with the best prematch and live odds for the big game. Publishers and affiliiates can create new revenue streams with operators, and give the customer the best odds at all times.

Operator widget

The Operator Widget can be implemented on any site and can show odds for selected sports or Leagues from providers connected to the widget. The odds can be standard match odds or any other betting market that the operator finds relevant for the audience.

Email with Odds & Jackpots

The e-newsletter allows operators to reach their client with pre-match or live odds depending on when the client opens his newsletter. The odds are “burned” into the template and gives an effective way of inviting call-to-action.


Run instream VPAID and VAST ads with pre-match or live odds in the video. The video templates allows operators to upload clips from real matches, or other branding videos with odds displayed over the video. The live odds makes it relevant for all sports fans around the world.

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